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About Us

About Us

We are launching into the Indian market with the website of ebachatgat.com, enabling all bachat gats, Farmers having agricultural products, mahila bachat gats, small and medium scale businesses in India to advertise their products to millions of Indian shoppers and drive targeted traffic to their Products. Ebachatgat.com is build a place where people can come to find and discover all bachatgat products which are not generally found online with all basic information of sellers.

We are providing all information of bachat gat and all small businesses which are having unique product line. You can find bachat gat product like all home basic ingredients like masales, chatanies, chivada,ladu,karanjee, papad,hand made items of clothes,sweater, Kurtis,Jewelry (Jewellery),toys and games,books ,health care products,baby products, home and kitchen products and beauty creams etc and many more. You can search bachatgat near you and see their product line and give order as you like directly to them.We are only providing platform to sellers and buyers. We are marketing sellers product through ebachatgat.com. Buyers or customer are welcome to site, see anything they want to buy online.

We are giving customers more of what they want at low prices, vast selection, fast and reliable delivery by bachat gats. Our website provide registration form to register and make your bachat gat profile online .Visitor will come and see your profile and products,if they like they will order bachatgat directly.

We are welcome to organizations and companies to recruit manpower for company projects. Company can hire any gat to do any company work at home or at company locality. We are welcome any project ideas for small businesses or bachat gat to fulfill their financial goals. Customers can now search any product here from any bachat gat and order by directly contact with particular bachat gat with cash on delivery.

Our vision is to get any order or any small business to one of the bachat gat who is in rural or remote area so that they will get source of income and happiness.

Our aim is to market the products of bachat gats and small businesses like agricultural, electronics handmade products and many more. We welcome suggestions for improvements of website. We will continue to strive to become a trusted and meaningful serve the customer and market for bachat gats.

If you have any suggestion then please contact us on

Email id:-contact@ebachatgat.com

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