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शेती उपयोगी सर्व सामान मिनी रोटावेटर ब्रश कटर
Contact No :8999397325
Contact Person Name :Akshay pawar
Email ID :akshaypawar8796@gmail.com

Product Description : वरील फोटो हा 3 hp रोटावेटर ची असून आम्ही सर्व प्रकारचे सामान विक्री करतो

Crops growth boosters for agriculture sectors Pure Organic Chemical free products
Contact No :9823564198
Contact Person Name :Simran
Email ID :adaraingeniousstudio@gmail.com
Address:1, More Building , Mount Road Ext Sadar

Product Description : Hi, I own a women social enterprises ant to tie up with active bachat gath village level women all over Maharashtra to offer them my organic products to sell to farmers and earn profits , i came across the initiative of MSTFV where women are being encouraged to earn there living hood hence want to know what is the process and whom to contact...please share. Thanks

Ayurvedic hair oil and healthy products
Contact No :7972691721
Contact Person Name : Sulakshyna rambov waghmare
Email ID :Sulakshynawaghmare@gmail.com
Address:Saint tukaram society Vadsavatri
Parali vajinath ,Dist- beed

Product Description : Ayurvedic hair oil and healthy products

Pashu khadya- पशुखाद्य
Contact No :7038304990
Contact Person Name :Mahavir Bachate
Email ID :
Address: सिव्हील हॉस्पिटल समोर लातूर रोड, तुळजापूर जि.उस्मानाबाद

Product Description : आमच्याकडे म्हशींचे, गाईचे, शेळी, बकऱ्या, कोंबडी तसेच कारवाडीसाठी कॅटलिफीड पेंड, भुसा, सरकी पेंड , मका खाद्य, गहू भुसा योग्य प्रमाणात मिळेल. Cattle Feed, Calf Starter.

Enrich Masti Pro
Contact No :9552572280
Contact Person Name :Dr A B Digraskar
Email ID :Enrichsolution@yahoo.in
Address:13, Nirmal Nagar, off Pune Nasik Road

Product Description : Prevention of Mastitis in dairy animals

KRUSHNAI milking Machine
Contact No :9823187059
Contact Person Name :Vijay Kulkarni
Email ID :millenniumengg@gmail.com
Address:13, sarthak terrace , Kothrud , Pune -411029
Pune -411029

Product Description : We are manufacturers of KRUSHNAI milking machine . We have single Bucket, Double Bucket , 4 Bucket & 6 Bucket machines. We are known for excellent service & we have Spares ex Stock at any given time .

Phyto Hormones
Contact No :8420549404
Contact Person Name :Debasis Ghosh
Email ID :dg_sabujayan@yahoo.com
Address:The Krishi Farm,Shamnagar,N24 Pgs,Kolkata,W.B.743127

Product Description : Florigen : Available in soil application form for enhancing crop production significantly.

Lac value added products
Contact No :0532-2465678
Contact Person Name :Bioved Research Institute of Agri & Tech
Email ID :

Product Description : Lac value added products

Hand Pounded Rice & cereals .
Contact No :95527375454
Contact Person Name :Usha Ankush Mundhe
Email ID :
Address:Rajur ,Taluka: Junnar
Rajur ,Taluka: Junnar ,Pin Code: 410502

Product Description : Hand Pounded Rice & cereals .

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