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Benefits of Mahila Bachat gat Registration


Benefits of Mahila Bachat gat Registration. Also this mean what is need and importance of mahila bachatgat egistration. This are main features of registration of mahila bachatgat.

When mahila bachatgat is formed then lots of suggestions come to know. There are many benefits to members of gat as follows

1)      Bachatgat members get habitual for small savings.

2)      Members learn procedure about banking.

3)      Bachatgats gets the bank loans for them for any important work.

4)      Bachatgat members get self confidence among themselves. Such self confidence would lead to economic progress.

5)      Bachatgat can make any small project for extra income source like making candles, Papads and many more.

6)      Many schemes are given by NABARD, Grammodyog and DIC.

7)      The women in the group should discuss their problem with each other.

8)      Women can get somewhat financial free.


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by Dr. Radut