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How to increase Productivity In Your Business


How to increase Productivity In Your Business

You have to make more from your business so you have to follow some of the daily productive Routine. Do some of the following important task so that you will increase your Productivity and your Profit in business. When time has passed nothing can be done to get time back. Therefore, time is a non-renewable resource and productive people operate from this understanding. Everyone has 24 hours in a day so this means the highly productive are the most effective with their time because they produce more in the same amount of time as everyone else.

  1. Wake up early (4-6 am)
  2. Exercise Daily for 30 min at least.
  3. Make TO-Do List and NON TO-DO List.
  4. What are the 20% of things you do that result in 80% of your undesired outcomes
  5. Love Your Business
  6. the most time consuming activities to your employees
  7. Waste No Time in talking and doing non value activates.
  8. Invest our time wisely
  9. Automating your Business processes and System.
  10. Outsourcing most the work which is time consuming to you.


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