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Loan Scheme for for busienss for woman in India


The questions always asked by businesswomen that how do I get Loan for a woman-owned business in India? In this time our women are not behind in any field of career. They are making their milestones for success. So they are also in Business. They are having their own ideas to complete. They are making their own startups. They are now an entrepreneur. Starting a business is easy but scaling it needs finance. Finances for business are the most important topic nowadays. Without finance, you cannot make your business on top of the world. So there are many Government scheme and private schemes to fulfil this need.

In the Business, the journey needs capital and money which fulfil by various banks offer specialized loans for women entrepreneurs?

Here is a list for Governments loan schemes for businesswomen

  1. Mudra Yojana
  2. Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana
  3. Startup and Standup Yojana
  4. PSB Loan

Bank Loan yojana for women Business owners

  1. Mahila Udyogini Scheme - By Panjab National bank
  2. Stree Shakti Scheme- By State Bank of India Bank
  3. Cent Kalyani Scheme - by the Central Bank of India
  4. Dena Shakti Scheme - Dena Bank
  5. Bhartiya Mahila Bank Yojana
  6. Udyogani Scheme for Business Women- Panjab and Sind Bank
  7. Annapurna Scheme - State Bank of Mysore
  8. Synd Mahila Shakti- Syndicate Bank
  9. KBL Mahila Udyog Loan Scheme- Karnataka Bank Ltd.
  10. Oriental Bank Of Commerce Business loan for Mahila- Oriental Bank Of Commerce Bank
  11. Jan Small Finance Mahila Business Loan- Jan Small Finance Mahila Bank

Also, some of the other funding available for Business loans like

  1. Some NGO offers loan to women entrepreneurs.
  2. Some of the foundations also offer loan like FORD Foundation.

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