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Purush Bachatgat Registration Process


Purush Bachatgat Registration Process

Purush bachatgat registration process information is Purush Bachatgat is a group of about 20 Purush from the same town and same locality to come together for getting some financial support to their family by saving and investing small amount of money getting benefits for goverment yojana. They are Farmers, Teachers, Small business holders. They come together for making some savings, some projects or small business together. Its like when you make small saving then it takes big savings after some years.

1)      Purush bachatgat take first meeting at one place. In bachatgat at least 10 and maximum 20 members should be there. Then they decide the best name to their bachatgat.

2)      Then collectively appoints the chief of the group and the secretary of the bachatgat in first meeting of the members and the same appointment is valid for authorized to do banking.

3)      Once all decided then open saving account by bachatgat name in near Nationalize bank

4)      Every member should handover the saving amount to the chief every first day of month to deposit. The saving Bank account should be deposited monthly in the same A/c.

5)      So such saving goes increasing for five years. After five years the total amount with interest get handover to each member or you can continue bachatgat for next some years.

6)      All records like cash book, ledgers, passbook, attendance register should be kept updating once in month and show all members in that meeting to clear the scenario.

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